Kinowa’s Cowboy Cookies


I’ve been baking cookies since I was a little girl and can remember coming home from school and eating cookies and drinking milk.  This is still one of my favorite things.... including dunking the cookies in the milk.  These morsels of delight are great as a gift or if you’re just plain hungry for some really good cookies.

Chocolate chip with oats, nuts, and a hint of coconut... Bite size...mostly organic. 

Original Recipe, Secret Recipe (Vegan), Special Recipe (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free),

Peruvian (Cayenne and Peppermint), Irish (Peppermint), Rodeo (Double Dark Chocolate Almond) also available!

Place your order and pay upon receipt of the cookies !!!!  Local Delivery Included.         Special Events Welcome!  Mail orders welcome (S&H is additional).

Kinowa’s Cowboy Cookies are baked with love and music.


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Original Recipe

Secret Recipe Vegan

Peruvian Hint of Cayenne and Peppermint

Irish Hint of Peppermint

“Double Baker’s Dozen"   (26 cookies)   $8   

"Celebration"   (44 cookies)    $12

“Piano”   (88 cookies)    $22

“Milk and Cookies Dunkin’ Pack” $6       

(Baker’s dozen of cookies in a milk glass)

                      Almond Crunch (Gluten Free)

                     “Happy” (8 cookies) $9

Custom Orders Available !

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850-496-6142   ❦

Milk And Cookies

Dunkin’ Pack

Baker’s Dozen in a Glass

Milk not included - he, he

Great Gift !

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